VUCA is een Engels acroniem voor volatile, uncertain, complex en ambiguous. Precies de wereld waarin wij leven sinds de komst van het nieuwe millennium, snelle internetverbindingen en mobiele digitale platformen. Wat betekent deze VUCA-wereld nu op professioneel vlak voor je?

1. Multitasking

The ‘ping’ of your messages, the landscape offices of the New Way of Working, a phone call while you are reading a news article or quickly reading an e-mail before you finish that document… it is rare to be really in the moment. But did you know that once you interrupt a task, resuming it takes another 20 minutes? Although everything is heading in your direction all at the same time, monotasking is still the way to go.

2. Always connected

Your private and professional life get mixed up and you carry them with you everywhere you go. Over the weekend, lying around exhausted in your sofa, you have a quick look at your e-mails and preferably reply to them as well. Just to end up behind your computer anyway because it’s more convenient. Is this a quiet evening or a relaxing Sunday? Not in a long shot. Digital detoxing is not suited for everyone, but be aware of the impact of making less time for relaxation.

3. Infinite choices

We know all too well that we are spoilt nowadays given the current offer of infinite choices. Choosing is even more difficult in an ever-changing world. How do you know if your choice will still be the right one in 10 hours, 10 days or 10 years? Right, you don’t. If you don’t have a personal compass, you become anxious. You feel blocked and all those great opportunities make you feel stressed out.

Employees in the vuca world - overchoice and performance stress

4. Lifelong learning

A generation ago, learning a profession once was (almost) enough. However, our VUCA society requires lifelong learning to be able to take on different roles within a certain field. All the things you learn today will be different by tomorrow. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to know what your passions are and to do what you love doing.

5. Pressure to perform

The competition is faster, smarter and bigger, the multitude of information you need to process is gigantic. There is barely room for mistakes because shareholders want to see results, right here and right now. If you react too slowly or you if miss the deadline, then the opportunity will already be gone. Just imagine the weight you carry on your shoulders.

6. Non-stop worrying

Digital platforms keep your brain (over)active. Both because of the content and because of the light. When it gets darker, your pineal gland produces serotonin in your brain, a substance that plays a role in the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone. The light of our screens undermines this natural rhythm, making you suffer from sleep deprivation or nightly worrying. This way you are rest-deprived twice, you sleep less and the worrying activates (quite exhaustive) stress hormones.

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