Discover our offer We transform your organisation
into a workplace with healthy
and engaged employees
Discover our offer We transform your organisation
into a workplace with healthy
and engaged employees

As a well-being specialist, 361° promotes HEALTHY, MOTIVATED AND HAPPY EMPLOYEES who contribute to more profitable organisations through their durable employability and productivity. 361° is a spin-off from the Institute of NeuroCognitivism in Brussels and is the link between science and businesses. Our methods and solutions are based on more than 30 years of research and KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE BRAIN.

Through training and coaching, consultancy, workshops, seminars and a unique digital well-being platform, we give companies an answer to the current psychosocial challenges of the digital, fast-moving and ever connected VUCA world.

How can we turn working pressure into working pleasure again?

The answer to this question is to connect. A connection between people, a connection between people and organisations, but also between our brain, heart and intuition. Living and working in the VUCA society also calls for new insights and skills, unleashing the unprecedented potential of the blue capital in your brain.

361° helps you to implement these work points into your organisation, leading to a better well-being. We start from a holistic approach and we look at the people behind your employees. Our team of experts, trainers and coaches combine this global vision with many years of experience with behavioural change and the role of the brain. Using a unique personality test, we figure out which aspects consume or provide energy. This results in a greater balance, more productivity and more happiness, also at work.

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Mindfulness, your weapon against stress

‘Mindfulness is een aandachtsoefening en vorm van meditatie of training waarbij je met nieuwsgierige aandacht en zonder automatische reacties bewust bent van fysieke ervaringen, stemmingen, gevoelens en gedachten’, zo luidt de definitie van het fenomeen op Wikipedia....

Stress? Manage the allocation of tasks in your brain!

The VUCA world in which we are living since the year 2000 is rapidly changing, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous. The continuous connection and thousands of stimuli that are heading our way sometimes put us in a position where we live in a world full of threats,...

6 challenges when working in the VUCA world

VUCA is een Engels acroniem voor volatile, uncertain, complex en ambiguous. Precies de wereld waarin wij leven sinds de komst van het nieuwe millennium, snelle internetverbindingen en mobiele digitale platformen. Wat betekent deze VUCA-wereld nu op professioneel vlak...

Clues to preventing burnout lie in our personalities, says institute

One day you’re bursting with energy, the next it feels like all your lust for life has seeped away. Burnout and depression are fast becoming the most prevalent illnesses of our time... Read more at Flanders Today Source: FLANDERSTODAY,...

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