What is VUCA?

The U.S. military launched the term VUCA in the 90 ‘s. The English acronym stands for:


Volatile, always in motion and rapidly changing


Uncertain, uncertain and unpredictable


Complex, complicated, everything is connected and affects one another


Ambiguous, depending on interpretation and thereby confusing and unclear what the actual cause and consequence are

In the new millennium, we have been linking the term VUCA to our new world since the introduction of the personal computer and other digital platforms. Did you know that as from the year 2000, our society went through a development, which represents 200 years instead of 17? It is no wonder that we are overexerting and can barely keep up with rapid changes.

The impact of the VUCA world on our brain and our happiness is enormous. Nowadays we are always connected and we are loaded with stimuli through all available channels, which trigger us both intellectually and emotionally. The world belongs to those who make fast decisions, but how can you decide today if tomorrow things are already different? We have many options, but even more doubts.

Learning and discovering what you love throughout your entire life is now a must more than ever, especially when we have to work harder (and longer), often for lower wages. In the VUCA world, everything is even more about passion and enthusiasm. Personal development will give you the necessary mental resilience and protect you against everything you will have to face now and in the future.

Managing your brain and learning new skills will also help you to lead a successful life in our fast-paced society. Through more knowledge and understanding about activating your prefrontal cortex in the front part of the brain, you will increase your resilience and resistance to stress. Your blue capital, as 361° calls this part of the brain, is able to cope with this new and rapidly changing world, but it comes with an appropriate user’s guide.

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