About us

361° works closely with its sister company Institute of NeuroCognitivism (INC) in Brussels and with the research centre (IME) in Paris. Over the years, the Neurocognitive Behavioural Method (NBM) of founder Jacques Fradin offered us lots of insights into knowing and recognising our own thoughts, acts and feelings. We are very proud and happy that our method is decisive for many people in the process of becoming a better person.

In 2017, thanks to entrepreneur Pierre Moorkens’ faith in our team, 361° is now connecting with the business community more than ever. We want business leaders and employees to be able to focus again on those things they have once chosen, starting from their passion and drive.

With our three pillars, people, work and welfare, we want to turn organisations again into inspiring work environments, where executives treat their employees in a kind way. According to us, the biggest strength of mankind lies in the deepest desire to become more human towards and together with others.

Pierre Moorkens & Isabelle Hoebrechts

We apply six values in each phase of our approach

Our team

Isabelle Hoebrechts

Managing Director

Isabelle Hoebrechts is a woman for whom human contacts and values come first. She only pursues what she really believes in and dedicates herself with great passion, positivity and entrepreneurship for human capital. With over 20 years of experience in strategic management, communication and human resources, she became CEO of the Institute for NeuroCognitivism in Brussels at the beginning of 2014. With the creation of 361°, she reinforces her vision even more and strengthens her links with the industry again.


Christophe van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie


Christophe van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie has worked for the insurance industry from 1996 to 2006. Afterwards, he has performed a few years of pioneering work as CEO of Solareh Benelux (Canadian company) within the well-being sector. Back then, Solareh already offered services to prevent burnout and stress, as well as reintegration services. Christophe there discovered his passion for well-being, in part due to his experience in Canada.


Pierre Moorkens


Pierre Moorkens comes from a family of entrepreneurs and was one of the founding father of several successful companies. With his visionary spirit, he developed a fascination for neuroscience and its applications. Because he is convinced of the importance of the Neurocognitive and Behavioural Method (NBM) for present and future generations, he decided to support the research of the IME, the research centre of founder Jacques Fradin in Paris.


Evy Verwimp

Happy Business Wellbeing Developer

With a passion for wellbeing and extensive experience within the wellbeing world, Evy inspires, motivates and guides different types of organizations during the last 14 years. Evy is convinced that the vision and approach of 361° is the solution to in an innovative and sustainable way to the wellbeing of the employees.

Fanya Verpoorten

Happy Wellbeing Project Organisor

Fanya has over 10 years of experience in coordinating positions in marketing & communication and over 7 years of experience in the digital sector. She’s a real people person and her engaging personality fits seamlessly with the values of 361 °. She is energetic, optimistic and passionate, and also a sportive person. She is pilates instructor and likes to dance and exercice yoga.

Sofie De Niet

Editor at 361°

Sofie De Niet is fascinated by health, nutrition, training and psychology. She trains on a daily basis and through her practical knowledge, became a fitness and feel-good expert with authenticity as her branding. She is founder of Natural High Magazine, writes for health magazines like “Goed Gevoel” and has a mobile massage practice. She contributed to the book “Top of your Mind, Beslissen in een VUCA-wereld” and reinforces the team of 361° as an editor.

Robby Mares

Webmaster at 361°

Robby is a real digital native. Born in ’89, he was one of the first millenials. He starts every day with a breakfast of bits & bytes while browsing through the social media landscape. He’s also our go-to person for the design, development and maintenance of our websites.


Our consultants & coaches

John Hermans

Coach & trainer (NL/ENG)

John Hermans has many years of experience in a management position at the airport of Zaventem. In 2006, John made a career switch and from that point on he became a full-time trainer and coach in intrapersonal as well as interpersonal skills. John is passionate about people’s behaviour and takes them back to their core strength by focussing on experience and providing the necessary insights. Bridge builder with a warm heart for people.

Chantal Vander Vorst

Coach & trainer (FR)

Initially graduated as an agricultural engineer and having worked as a Project and Process Manager in companies for 12 years, Chantal Vander Vorst is a licensed coach (graduate of the Canadian School “Coaching de Gestion”) who has specialised in the Neurocognitive Behavioral Method. She is a certified N.B.M. consultant-trainer. In 2008 she co-founded the Institute of NeuroCognitivism. Chantal is the co-author of the book “Le Management toxique” (Eyrolles, 2013).

Liesbeth van Traa

Coach & trainer (NL/FR/ENG)

Liesbeth van Traa has 15 years of experience in HR, business coaching and personal coaching. She works with a wide range of tools: NGM, VIP2A pro, NLP, MBTI and RET. She does not see coaching as a form of therapy, but definitely not as a conversation without commitment either. By gaining insight into one’s own behaviour and communication it becomes possible to break through certain thoughts or patterns and to change them. Her objective is to help people moving forward. In their careers, in their personal lives, in the various situations in which they find themselves.

Aurélie De Cock

Coach & trainer (NL/ENG/FR)

Aurélie has 18 years of experience as trainer and coach. Her passion is all about helping people, teams and organisations in fields such as communication, collaboration and personal development. It connects personal and relational abilities of people and teams (the elements) with the organisational goals (the entirety). Thanks to the training to become organisational coach, Aurélie is able to look more systemically to organisations and the way the individual elements (individuals, teams, departments) and the larger whole (the organisation) are connected. Her recent training in the Neurocognitive Behavioural Approach gave her a better understanding how our mind and heart are connected to our behavioural choices and how she can intertwine these insights while working with people and organisations.

Anne Moens

Coach & trainer (FR/NL/ENG)

As a coach and a trainer specialized in a neuroscientific approach (the Neurocognitive and Behavioural Approach), Anne has been working for more than 8 years on understanding and managing human behaviour with the aim of helping people to use the resources of their prefrontal neocortex in a more efficient manner.

To support this process, Anne uses her expertise as a certified Evolutive Coach.

With empathy, warmth and professionalism, Anne helps individuals to obtain well-being, both at work and in their private life.

Pim Vandijck

Coach & trainer (NL/ENG)

Pim Vandijck is a coach, trainer and promoter of positivity in organisations. Pim has worked as an HR manager in the logistics sector for several years and performed peer-to-peer coaching in various sectors on a regular basis. He supports organisations on the topics of Learning, Collaboration and Leadership by providing pragmatic solutions.

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