Our unique personality test

Our motivation tool (VIP2A pro) is a personality test that assesses people’s energy consumers and energy suppliers (energy barometer).

It is an online questionnaire to analyse the different sides of your personality, to determine your evolution potential and to better understand the interaction between your personal experiences and your brain structures.

An extraordinary ability …

Based on more than 1200 variables, this tool measures an individual’s motives and reveals his/her resilience.

This tool measures:

  • The sources of motivation
  • The motivational inhibitions and superficial motives
  • The assertiveness
  • The ability of the individual to use the capacities of the prefrontal zone of his brain in real-time (the blue capital), which has been identified as the origin of our highest intelligence.

The strengths …

  • The distinction between what was permanently memorised and what has been acquired at a later moment in time.
  • Measurement of the global performance dynamics.
  • Measurement of the progression margin.
  • Predictive interpretation of behaviours.

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